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Just Between Friends

We are pleased to let you know that we are upgrading our ability to communicate with you to a more adaptable method using a service operated in conjunction with National PTA called Just Between Friends. To help us get the right information to you at the right time, please take a few minutes to go through the Just Between Friends Household wizard so you can update your household information and fill in the gaps. By entering this information, you will: •Make sure we can get grade, class or activity information to you based on the specifics related to your children •Get a personalized account that helps you manage your school-related activities •Allow you to opt-out of or opt-into mailings made by National PTA •Keep your directory listings accurate and up-to-date Simply do the following: 1.Click here; then to verify your email address 2.Select your own household username and password and add information that makes it easier for us to get you the right information at the right time. 3.When you’re done (about 2 to 5 minutes), you’ll be able to login. All information is kept private as per the privacy statement shown on the website. To learn more about the system, visit this special page on the National PTA web site. If you do nothing, you will not be able to take advantage of the personalized login account; and you will likely miss important messages from us related to specific activities. I hope you take the few minutes to login and update your information. Thanks. Diane Skidmore Mineral King Elementary School PTA If you don’t want to receive any information from the group by email, simply login, look for my name in the directory, then click on my email address to request that you be removed from the group. If you already have a different Just Between Friends account and want to link them together, please contact Just Between Friends support directly. If you cannot use the link above, copy and paste the following into your browser's address field

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